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Thank you all for your kind words!

Paul, je hebt er echt een heel mooi boek van gemaakt. Gebonden ook nog eens. Mooie vormgeving ook, maar wat wil je als het je beroep is..... Echt een aanwinst qua informatie en veel foto's die ik nog niet kende.Bij het zwitserse 75 Buch waren er achteraf veel mensen die het graag hadden willen hebben. Gelukkig is er nu de kans om toch een nieuw Alfa 75 standaardwerk in de kast te hebben! En dat vlak voor het 25 jarig bestaan van "ons" model en het 100 jarig bestaan van Alfa Romeo. Ben er erg blij mee enne.... nee heb geen aandelen in het boek.  

Wat kan ik nog zeggen dat niet al tien keer eerder is gezegd... fantastisch boek! Zeer informatief, goed leesbaar geschreven en heel mooi uitgevoerd. En de typische 75-knik in de lijn onder elke bladzijde is een geweldig detail. Kortom, een zeer welkome aanvulling voor m'n verzameling Alfaboeken. Hulde! En heel veel respect voor de geweldige hoeveelheid werk die hierin moet hebben gezeten!  

Having now read a good part of the book, I shall stress how well it allows to understand the various racing 75s, both with text description and illustrations. Thanks.   

Hallo Paul! Gratulation zu diesem tollen Buch - großartig!!! Von A - Z absolut empfehlenswert. Eine wahnsinns Arbeit. detailverliebt, mit ganz ganz viel Herz, proppevoll mit Fakten und Detailwissen!!! Du hast mir ein außerordentlich vergnügliches Wochenende bereitet mit dem Buch - und es wird nicht das letzte WE sein............ Wer einen 75 in seiner Garage hegt und pflegt, für den ist dieses Buch ein absolutes MUST HAVE !!! Vielen Dank Paul und saluti in die paesi bassi.   Hallo Paul, saluti und gratulation aus Italien. Das Buch ist absolut schoen, ein Must fuer alle 75 Fans.  

Das Buch vom Paul Koebrugge ist einfach eine Wucht, wundervoll zusammengetragen und für 75 Liebhaber definitiv ein MUST HAVE.  

Ich hab mein Exemplar heute auch bekommen! Und ich muß sagen, ich bin begeistert! Hut ab!  

Well, Santa arrived and so did my book. Awesome! Congratulations Paul, you've done a fantastic job! Everyone else, if you buy one thing next year make it this book.  

This is an outstanding book! It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the Alfa 75/Milano fan and it could also be an important addition to any petrol head's library. I especially liked the parts about the design and competition histories, as well as the discussions about the past and present Alfa 75/Milano tuners. The layout and photos are excellent! Go for it, you won't be disappointed.  

I received my copies today (Santa came early), thanks for the quick shipping Paul. I was blown away by the book !!! This is an absolute must have for any 75/Milano nut. It is a hard-cover book of really nice quality and the content is, of course, our favorite I love it.

Great book, very nice pics, compiles most (if not all) Alfa 75/Milano factory advertising material and has a comprehensive model history and competition account. Very classy, presentable edition, heavy semigloss paper, a worthwile addition in the special book section of every Alfa nut. Interesting reading, fully covering the last rwd Alfa and worth every cent! Thanks Paul, very well done!!  

Awesome Paul, great job. It's about time someone did a book about the 75 and you've written a real beauty. Even though I'm biased towards the 75 I'd say that this is the best Alfa Romeo book I own, nicely written, funny, honest, great cars and pictures and loads of information including a whole load of things I didn't know. Everyone else: Buy it. You won't be disappointed. PS, No connection to Paul other than a severe 75 problem that won't go away!

I have just received the most amazing book for my birthday that charts the life and times of the 75 in all its various incarnations.
The book is seemingly a labour of love for the author, Dutchman Paul Koebrugge, and it shows. It is jam packed full of pictures, technical information and history on this great car. But most of all the text really conveys his love affair with Alfa and the 75 for all its glories and faults.
I could not recommend this book highly enough. If you own an Alfa I would say it has to be high on the library list but if you own a 75 it is essential!!! Paul also seems to be a thoroughly decent chap with delivery being around one week from the Netherlands and he repsonded within 24 hours to an email I had sent him. Yet another reason to get this weighty tome, and it is substantial. you definitely get your money's worth (65 Euros) with this one.
I am not on commission I promise you!

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